How Do I Return/Exchange an Item for My Customer?

Please review the Returns & Exchanges policy to ensure the item is available to be returned or exchanged. As the Fellow, you are primarily responsible for educating the customer on this policy. Any return/exchanged received at the warehouse that does not qualify will not be approved. 

  1. Log into Fellow's Back Office here
  2. Go to Customers and drop-down menu to “My Customers Orders”
  3. Search for Customer’s name (or Event ID) and hit “Search Orders”. You can clear the "Order Date Range" that automatically generates.
  4. Hit the “Return / Replace” button when the order is found
  5. Check the box next to the item or items needing to be returned/replaced and select “Reason For Return” and hit “Return/Replace”
    1. The following reasons will be noted as: 
      1. Wrong Size - Enter New Size in Comment
      2. Wrong Color - Enter New Color in Comments
      3. Changed My Mind
      4. Not as Described/Pictured - Describe in Comments
      5. Wrong Item - Enter Received Item in Comment
      6. Other Fit Issue
      7. Other 1, 2, 3 (email 
      8. Anything that falls into “Other” needs to be emailed to before submitting a request
  6. Choose the return/exchange outcome
    1. Refund to the original payment method
    2. Credit Balance to Account
    3. Exchange for the same item in different size/color
  7. Hit “Continue” 


You must read the instructions and policy for return on the return confirmation page. The link to download a free return label and the order return form can be found on this page to download and print, or download and email to your customer. An email will not be sent from Customer Care, but must be downloaded from this page by the fellow/customer.

Please note that we provide a Ground Shipping Label for all returns/exchanges, which will not comply with the priority box you received with your customer's order. Please recommend to your customer to use their own packaging for their return package. If they would like to use the original Priority Package that was included with their order, please ask them to remove all barcodes from the box. Please note that some Post Offices may still refuse the return if a Priority Box is used without barcodes and the customer may need to provide an alternate form of packaging.

10. Submit the return!

Accidentally Missed Downloading the Return Materials?

Once you select "Submit Return", you cannot edit the Return/Exchange request again. If you missed out on downloading the return materials needed, please use these resources below:

DOWNLOAD/PRINT HERE - return shipping label to mail back your item

DOWNLOAD/PRINT HERE - return form to include in box

Next Steps:

After shipping out the return package, the customer can expect to receive confirmation that their return/exchange has been processed within 4-14 business days due to receiving the following information:

  • If your customer requested an exchange, they can expect to receive a new order confirmation email confirming that their new item is in the process of shipment within 4-6 business days of shipping the return package. Once they receive this email, they can expect to receive their new package within 4-6 business days.
  • If your customer requested a return for a refund back to their original payment method, they can expect to receive this refund amount within 4-14 business days of shipping their return package. Sseko HQ will send out an email notifying the customer when this refund has been processed.
  • If your customer made a return request for Sseko Credit, they can expect to receive this credit in their Sky Wallet stored in their Customer Account within 4-14 business days of shipping their return package. Sseko HQ will send out an email notifying the customer when this refund has been processed to their Skywallet. To inform them about how to redeem this credit, you can share this article.
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